1. Blood Red Moon

Music performed and produced by, The California Cure
Lyrics and music composed by, Ryan Fredrick Locke
Recorded by, Engineer Trevor Rockwell
Recorded by, Assistant Engineer Adam Stark
Mixed and mastered by, Trevor Rockwell and The California Cure
Recorded, mixed and mastered at, Edmontone Studio, Alberta
Album artwork by, Jodi Ezio
Released December 21, 2019
© 2019 The California Cure
All rights reserved


Well I wrote off my friends
And I spent my gold
And I sold all them things
That I once used to own
Then that hurricane
Caved in my walls
And I laid still and cried, Lord
Have mercy on my soul

On a bright sunny day
I wrote a song
I took a little dip
Before I coloured in the sun
Then that mighty wave
Took a great fall
I swam for my life, Lord
Have mercy on my soul

I won’t predict the weather
And I wish upon all the stars you’re wishing upon too
When I grow up and I’ll know better
‘Til then I’ll keep hymning at that
Blood Red Moon

Well have we met before?
Is this by good fate?
That I’m falling even more in love
Each and everyday
From my fall from grace
The dust and the fog
Left me in a daze, Lord
Have mercy on my soul

I won’t predict your future
And I can jive to all the rhymes you’re striding along to
Compromise or surrender
Til then I’ll just keep singing at that
Blood Red Moon